About Us

Allison Greenland – Owner / Teacher

Allison Greenland is the founder and facilitator of Leap into Literacy, a program designed to help children become engaged in reading and writing through creative techniques. She is currently completing her final year of a PhD in Curriculum and Teaching and holds a Master’s degree in Education. Allison has many years of experience working with students who have learning disabilities, special needs, and who are gifted and talented, and she also has a TEFL certification.

Her research has focused specifically on reading comprehension strategies for adolescent students and successful learning techniques for students of all abilities. Allison has eleven years experience as a Primary teacher and most recently as a Gifted and Talented teacher for both Primary and Secondary students, as well as a Creative Writing teacher for adults. She has also been tutoring privately throughout her teaching career and has recently made the move to focus solely on Leap into Literacy.


Louise is a teacher of the Leap into Literacy Program. Graduating on the Dean’s List with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), Louise has had experience in both Secondary and Primary teaching, creative writing, and Museum Education. Over the last two years she has worked as a NSW Curriculum Program Deliverer to schools state and interstate wide. Since 2012, she has also been a tutor of English for stages 1-6, including NAPLAN preparation and ESL classes.

Beginning her academic studies in cultural literature, ancient languages and creative writing units, Louise has a vibrant in-depth background that has aided her teaching practices. Her passion is to see students grow in their love of learning, particularly in their literacy confidence. An awareness of different learning styles has shaped her methodology to incorporate visual, auditory and kinesthetic approaches. One of the main factors that drew Louise to Leap into Literacy was its unique focus on quality learning, creativity, and enjoyment of reading and writing.


Daniel is a teacher and tutor of English Language and Literature who holds a Masters in Literature and a Bachelor of Arts in English. He takes great pride in teaching and inspiring young students to excel and succeed in their academic studies and his aim is to increase students’ chances of success in English at school and beyond. A clear understanding of a student’s needs, focused one-on-one direction and enthusiasm are key to this. He believes that it is important to instill confidence and self-belief so that students are motivated to learn.


Lara is a Primary School teacher with a National Qualification for Senior Leadership. She is a lead practitioner for Literacy and supports schools to raise standards in Literacy. Lara believes that learning needs to be relevant and fun in order for children to be engaged and inspired to learn, and strives to make learning individual for every child she teaches.





Tika is a young teacher with a great interest in Education. She recently graduated with her Masters in Education. Since then, she has been teaching with children from varying backgrounds. In her opinion, education is one of the most important things in life and is something everyone deserves. Good education is a system that motivates you, makes it possible to recognize talents and gives every person an equal chance to develop these talents. With the knowledge and skills that she has about literacy, she wants to contribute in accomplishing this and help students put steps forward towards achieving their learning goals.